the Garden Genie

Technology meet Garden... let me introduce to you, the Garden Genie!

Bad, stinky, hard water?
What do you do? The Garden Genie will fix the problem.
It’s easy, its very inexpensive and it works. Easy to install our device, 100% Guarantee.
Your plants and animals will love it and so will you. If you grow for $$ you cannot afford not to have a water revitalizer.

Organic Gardening has never been easier, all you have to do is hook-up the Garden Genie to your outside tap or garden hose and water away. Using the Garden Genie will eliminate the need for expensive fertilizers and pesticides providing you with the ultimate organic garden.

Extraordinary results are being obtained by watering plants with the Garden Genie. The Garden Genie is a convenient way to bring structured water to your plants, garden and lawn. Use it in your greenhouse or on a hydro or aquaponics system.

We are so confident in the Garden Genie that we are offering a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if your not satisfied with the results! And a LIFETIME no questions asked, drop it in the mail get another in return to cover any issues other than abuse, tampering or vandalism.

The Garden Genie comes in 2 sizes: the Garden Genie and the Commercial Garden Genie. (upon quote)

The Garden Genie is a convenient way to bring Structured Water to your plants and garden. Vibrant structured water at every tap in the yard.

* Enhanced growth in the Garden with little or no fertilizers and pesticides
* Healthier gardens and household plants
* More food value and nutrition verified doing a BRIX test using a refractometer after only two days from initial Garden Genie watering
* Balances the Ph levels and improves water bio availability to plants * Earlier harvest, be first to have fresh garden vegetables.
* Extended growing season, cucumbers and strawberries on the vine in September
* Increased bio mass at the end of the growing cycle, more fruits and vegetables
* Healthier plant growth means green lush lawns and brighter colour in flowers
* Lower freezing point so plants can be sustained at lower temperatures
* Increased soil hydration requiring less watering, 20 – 30% on average
* Removes existing calcium and aggregate deposits over time, less mineral build up and scaling on surfaces
* Reduces polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive byproducts
* Decreases or eliminates chlorine smell in treated water
* Improved aerobic bacterial activity in soils
* Structured water is rich in negative hydrogen ions. Hydrogen being the fuel of life
* Healthier farm livestock, domestic pets and fish with structured water
* Spot free washing of vehicles, windows, buildings, etc.
* Turns stale wells, ponds or dugouts into vibrant living bodies of water that will attract birds and wildlife as a first choice watering hole

Shipping to: Canada and US is FREE Worldwide $35.00 No tracking

Shipping can be quoted to your destination with tracking.

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