RelieveX Formula - 500 ml

RelieveX Formula - 500 ml
RelieveX Formula
500 ml bottle
Natural Pain Reliever
10 PPM Mineral Solution

Spray the area to be treated up to 3 times daily, or whenever necessary to aid in relief. This product is a dietary supplement. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Pure Distilled Water, .9999 Copper & .9999 Zinc, Made in Canada

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Copper – has been used for generations to help with the painful inflammation of arthritis.

For many years it has been known that copper can help with the painful inflammation of arthritis, but it is not until recently that scientists have begun to understand why.

Research shows that copper levels present in mononuclear cells, which are responsible in part for controlling inflammation in the body's tissues, were low in patients suffering from arthritis.

Therefore, supplementation with copper replacement therapy could help combat the inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis if copper is delivered directly into the bloodstream and tissue at the site of the inflammation. A study carried out at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin found that by delivering a dose of medication via a skin patch, instead of orally - therefore avoiding the liver - more than 95 per cent of the dose goes directly into the bloodstream, as opposed to as little as 5 per cent by other methods.

Dr Donald Grant, from the Nuffield Hospital in Bristol is a specialist in inflammatory conditions and has carried out several studies on arthritis.

'There is a growing bank of anecdotal evidence to suggest copper plays a role in reducing inflammation,' he says.

‘Bracelets appear to have some positive effect, but again their delivery is restricted in that they do not penetrate the skin very deeply and cannot be applied to the site of the inflammation’

'A transdermal patch is likely to deliver a far higher dose and, coupled with the fact that it can be applied directly to the site of inflammation, could be extremely effective’

Over the years copper has been used in the form of tablets and bracelets, specialists agree that these delivery methods could be far less efficient as copper patches. Consumers are increasingly familiar with skin patches for a variety of applications. The Copper Patch is based on a skin patch technology that is in use throughout the world. The copper metal is in direct contact with the skin with the aim of relieving aches and joint pain.

Pain is worse without copper…

In a single blind cross over clinical study in Australia, copper was found to offer considerable relief for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. 

The investigation into the effectiveness of Copper by doctor’s Sorenson and Keats showed that wearers of the copper were ‘significantly worse’ when not wearing the bracelet. (N.R.Walker & D.M.Kents ‘An investigation of the Therapeutic Value of the Copper Bracelet)

Therapeutic evidence…

In 1939 a study by a Professor doctor of medicine, Werner Hangarter, proved that copper had a direct therapeutic influence on rheumatic diseases. His study of a Finnish copper mine showed that miners were unaffected by rheumatism as long as they stayed with the copper mining industry. (W.Hangarter & A.Lukke Uber die Behandung rheumatiser Erkankungen mit einer Kupfer-Natruim-Salicylat-Kom-plexverbindung (Permalon)

Anti-inflammatory and promotes tissue repair…

A study in 1984 by doctor’s Sorenson and Kishore showed that “...copper complexes have anti-inflammatory activity and that copper enzymes are required to promote tissue repair and prevent tissue destruction...”. (J.R.J Sorenson & V.Kishore ‘Antirheumatic Activity of Copper Complexes’)

Copper therapy throughout history…from Pharaohs to Chinese Emperors

Copper health benefits have used to remedy pain.  Archaeologists have been unearthing copper jewellery for now over 200 years and yet, up until recently, the scientists have only just begun to understand the power of this natural metal.

Worn by Pharaohs, Indian Rajas, Chinese Emperors, Persian Kings, Alexander the Great, and so many others, copper has had more than just a cosmetic purpose.  Copper has been used by every civilization that had access to it as a medicine and preventative.  The history of civilization is also the history of the use of copper…normally in the form of bracelets…copper has literally been worn in every major civilization.

It is no secret that copper is a most excellent conductor of electricity, and besides that, the skin is as much an entry point in the body as a barrier.  Microdoses of copper enter the body and bolster the immune system, and as it's on the skin, it enters as and when needed (not ingested as a dietary supplement).

The copper bracelet seems also to emit elemental and molecular vibrations and other physical phenomena such as a corona effect of the ends of the bracelet.

These vibratory emissions appear to convey some medicinal benefit. In the case of body pains due to some rheumatoid arthritic condition, it appears to be very effective indeed.

Benefits of wearing copper on the skin:

Allows absorption directly from the skin
Works as an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain
Supports collagen for wound healing
Helps optimise the use of iron and zinc in the immune system
Helps to correct the body’s copper deficiency and supports the resistance to disease.