Colloidal Minerals - links & donations

Colloidal Minerals - links & donations
Here you will find links to information, research and video of some of the greatest minds in the Colloidal Mineral Water Industry.

Not only will you be able to educate yourself about the many properties and uses of Colloidal Mineral Waters, you can submit your research and we can post it here as well. A community of like minded people working together to bring colloidal mineral waters to everyone who wants it.

The pursuit of more information and research is an on-going process and unfortunately can add up to many $$$ to perform single field experiments. Your donations are greatly appreciated and we maximize the outcomes by using them only for materials and products to be placed in actual experiments, we do not offer wages or compensation to individuals or companies. All of our research efforts are done on a voluntary basis.

If you or your company would like to participate in our on-going research program please feel free to contact us today.

To make your donations in $20.00 increments simply hit the add to cart button and you will be forwarded to the checkout page.

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