Replenish Hair Tonic - 8 oz.

Replenish Hair Tonic - 8 oz.

Replenish Hair Tonic Product Features:

Uses only natural ingredients to restore your natural hair color and re-growth
Does not dye your hair
Contains no harsh chemicals or by-products
Contains no foul odour or smell whatsoever
Spray on daily; should see results in as little as 3 weeks
Maintain as needed
Won't damage hair, wash out, or rub off

Not Your Typical Hair Treatment

Replenish Hair Tonic doesn't cover or hide grey hair; it's actually a cure for grey hair... we are giving the body the required Essential Minerals to reverse the greying of hair and hair loss.

Grey Hair/Loss Causes

The most common cause of grey hair is due to the natural process of ageing. Scientists have found that a lack of copper or copper deficiency is the main cause of grey hair and loss of hair. As we age, there is a drop in the amount of copper in our bodies, without proper supplementation we end up copper deficient resulting in hair greying and hair loss. Other suspects for grey hair causes include vitamin deficiency (such as the vitamin B12), stress, medical conditions like thyroid imbalance, smoking, and heredity. Plucking grey hair does not cause more grey hair to grow.

As a result of scientific research, an amazing grey hair and hair loss solution, Replenish Hair Tonic, has been developed to restore the essential minerals and reverse the grey hair/loss process!

Premature Grey Hair

It is a myth that grey hair in women and men only occurs with older age. Grey hair in 20s, and grey hair at 30 is known as premature grey hair and most commonly occurs due to heredity. To prevent or stop premature grey hair naturally, Replenish Hair Tonic is the perfect solution. Replenish Hair Tonic works, stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy essential minerals, so your natural hair will grow back through your roots!

Watch your grey go away! Now, grey hair can be stopped and reversed. You no longer need to use toxic chemicals to cover up your grey because you can stop grey hair naturally! We stop grey hair and hair loss by using essential minerals. Just one teaspoon a day can bring back your natural hair color.

Best of all, if our product does not work, we will give you a complete refund through our money-back guarantee!

Not Your Typical Grey Hair/Loss Treatment

What are your current options when it comes to grey hair reversal?
Options that aren't really able to reverse grey hair at all.

You can hide it or cut your hair really short to minimize the effect of the grey. Or, more likely, you're used to dying it. Did you know that grey hair is actually the most resistant hair color to hair dye, due to the decrease in melanin? Dying is not only costly, it's time-consuming and damages your hair, turning it into a brittle, dry mess.

You may also just do nothing right now to hide the grey. But having grey hair can make you look years older than you actually are—not to mention the fact that most people's grey doesn't grow in evenly.

Replenish Hair Tonic doesn't cover grey hair; it's actually a cure for grey hair. These all-natural supplements work to restore the color of the hair and there's no cover-up required.

The Proven Grey Hair/Loss Cure

Replenish Hair Tonic's natural ingredients restore the essential minerals in the body. Over a period of just a few months, the grey hairs naturally restore to their previous color. For grey hair remedies to actually work, they need to reverse the process of greying hair.

The Replenish Hair Tonic grey hair cure does precisely that—and additional supplements in the tonic work to help reverse the damage caused by previous treatments. The end result is not only hair restored to its natural color, but shiny and healthy-looking hair.

Don't Just Cover Grey Hair

Just get rid of gray hair and vow to no longer cover up the problem. Don't color grey hair—actually reverse grey hair at its roots. Rely on the all-natural Replenish Hair Tonic cure for grey hair. No other method of grey hair treatment actually treats the problem at its roots.

Get the Cure for Grey Hair

We're so sure that in eight to twelve weeks, you'll love how well our grey hair treatment works for you, that you'll never want to try other methods of sending grey away again. You have nothing to lose by trying Replenish Hair Tonic because we're willing to give you your money back if you're not satisfied with our hair tonic. Take Advantage Of Our Risk-Free Offer:

Start getting your natural hair and color back today!

3 Bottles/3 Month Replenish Hair Tonic Program. If you see ZERO results after 3 months of using our program we will give you a full refund.

Replenish Hair Tonic FAQ

How do I apply Replenish Hair Tonic?
Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon orally daily. Apply with a misting bottle 1-3 times a day, to the roots of the hair and scalp.

What are the ingredients of Replenish Hair Tonic?
Pure distilled water, .9999 Copper, Zinc and Silver.

How long will one bottle last me?
Depends on your hair density but for most, one bottle should get you through one month of use.

Can I use Replenish Hair Tonic if I'm doing another treatment?
Yes. Our product is all natural and there have been no known interactions with any other type of treatment or product. However, it is recommended to only do any one type of treatment at a time to ensure the full potential of the product being used and its effectiveness.

Can I use Replenish Hair Tonic to color my eyebrows?
Yes. Replenish Hair Tonic can be used on any other types of body or facial hair.