Revitalize Structured Water Drops

Revitalize Structured Water Drops
Revitalize Structured Water Drops

Revitalize Structured Water Drops have been developed using advanced technologies, which have created some of the finest energy and healing waters available. This formula can be used on its own or combined with other water soluble vitamins, minerals, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

The main ingredient in the Revitalized Water Drop formula is Structured Water. This same type of intelligent water makes up the majority of the cellular fluid found inside the cells of healthy tissue in your body. Structured Water is known for its hydrating effects and considered to be more Bio-Available.

Revitalized Water Drops are a concentrated form of pure clean revitalized memory free water, when mixed with tap or filtered water creates a drinking water that has a high solubility for the nutrients the body needs. So vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which are combined with the structured water, go from the digestive tract and bloodstream into the tissues and cells at an accelerated rate.

Revitalized/Structured Water carries out cellular waste from the body more effectively, increasing the efficiency of metabolic cellular detoxification.

Detoxification - In holistic medicine it is known that detoxification is an essential component in helping the body reach maximum health. Revitalized/Structured Water has been shown to help the body detoxify by supporting a natural healing process, which can include increased bowel detoxification and endocrine activation. Other indications of the benefits of Revitalized/Structured Water has been shown to help support the bodies activation and use of cellular oxygen which directly supports the strength of the immune system.

When this water is used with cooking water and taken with food, it helps the food nutrients to be properly absorbed by the body and supports the bodies natural healing process. Many have found and believe that the detoxification support for the body is increased by 12 times when consistently taking Revitalized/Structured Water.